Client Confidentiality Agreement

Selah Health and Wellness – Counselling Arm will keep confidential any verbal or written information provided by clients. Client information will not be released to anyone or any organisation without verbal or written consent from the client.

Selah Health and Wellness Counsellors or Coaches may be required to disclose information regarding a client to another organisation or authority (e.g. Police) if the safety of the client or the safety of others is at risk.

More than one staff member at Selah Health and Wellness or Glory City Church Pastoral Care team may have access to a client’s file if there is more than one staff member involved with a client’s support.

Any written information or documents regarding clients will be kept in a secure facility within Glory City Church premises.

Client files will be securely kept for a period of 7 (seven) years, after which client files can be destroyed.

Online Counselling Meetings

Selah Health and Wellness will, as far as they are able, maintain the security of the equipment and network used for the video or teleconference calls. Selah will use internet accounts and Wi-Fi networks that are password-protected. Appropriate virus protection is in place.

Video sessions will use the Zoom platform, which has encryption to ensure the confidentiality of invitation messages as well as the sessions themselves.

The counsellor will be located in a private room and use earphones to help increase confidentiality.  

If the internet or any other equipment fails during a video conferencing call, a Selah phone line is available in order for the counsellor to make contact with me to finalise the session.

If a call is interrupted by a technical problem, and the counsellor is worried because they have not been able to contact me by phone, they will call the agreed emergency contact/s, listed in a clients onboarding documentation. 

Clients are expected to prepare for the sessions as I would for an in-person appointment by being on time and dressing appropriately. 

There will be no recording, or sharing of any aspects of the sessions unless there has been written consent obtained from both Selah Health and Wellness and myself.