Terms and Conditions

1. All potential Selah Health and Wellness clients must make an initial booking through the centre’s website.

2. To complete a booking the client must complete the booking form and pay the initial booking fee.

3. A new client cannot be seen unless they have completed the booking form and paid the initial booking fee.

4. Follow-up bookings may be facilitated directly between the client and the counsellor. There is no need to complete the form each time a session is needed.

5. Clients must ensure they are familiar with the Cancelation Policy on the Selah Health and Wellness Website.

6. In-person bookings are not available unless special arrangements are made until further notice.

7. A cancellation fee will apply for cancellations made with less than 24 hours notice. 

8. If an appointment is cancelled with more than 24 hours ’ notice, the appointment may be re-scheduled or cancelled completely.

9. If an initial appointment is cancelled and the booking fee has been paid, the booking fee is forfeited and cannot be refunded. 

10. The cancellation fee is set at $50.

11. Booking cancellation must be made directly with the assigned counsellor.

12. In certain situations, it may be impossible to perform a session due to unforeseen circumstances or due to a series of events that are neither parties fault. In such circumstances, the contract may become frustrated. In such a circumstance the cancellation policy will not apply. If the client is a new client the booking fee cannot be refunded. The discretion as to whether a contract is frustrated lies with the counsellor. 

13. Sessions are charged as follows:

a. Individual – $90 for an hour session.
b. Couple – $150 for an hour and a half session.
c. Family – $150 for an hour and a half session.
d. Life Coaching – $70 for an hour session.

14. All payments are facilitated through the Stripe online platform. Cash payments are not preferred.

15. For online appointments there will be no recording, or sharing of any aspects of the sessions unless there has been written consent obtained from both Selah Health and Wellness and myself.